Fashion Code: Let me help hide your bra straps sis

It’s our fashion code, let me help you hide your bra straps! You ever stand behind someone in the grocery store and find yourself staring at her bra straps and wondering if she knows her straps are showing? I am positive that I was that girl you were staring at, LOL.

Ladies, I know all too well about the struggles of the bra strap! Some of you may not know but back in 2012 I had a breast reduction. I was in complete denial! I would wear multiple bras to make them appear smaller; well that and the fact that I was playing sports. I had finally made the decision to go bra shopping, and that is when I realized I couldn’t fit any of the bras in the store! I dreaded the idea of getting sized but I knew it was time. Assuming the clerk would tell me that I was a double D; to my surprise, she said I was a double J.

At that point, I KNEW it was time to make some changes! I had the fashion game all wrong wearing 2-3 bras at a time to achieve the perfect look! Let’s not even talk about the struggles of wearing decent clothes or even shopping from the clearance racks!

At this point in my life, I hated shopping because I knew I would leave the store disappointed. Have you ever noticed that all of the clothes on the clearance racks are for small breasted woman? Tell me how often do you see curvy girl clothes on the clearance racks in the stores? I knew that spaghetti strap tops and dresses were out of the question for me. I was wearing three bras, there would be no hiding that bra strap!

After my breast reduction, I absolutely fell in love with shopping. I had went from a double J to a C cup! I never thought I would ever be able to wear ANYTHING without a bra (or three). I was so excited to be able to wear a shirt with no bra! Well, that didn’t last long. In 2017, I had my baby boy, Kyson. We all know where this is headed – my breast grew during pregnancy. Thankfully, they are not double Js. I am now sitting at double Ds and Lord knows I miss my C cups. You can see my breast reduction results in this video.

With big breast, I noticed that I had to be much more cautious of how I dressed. Those quick and simple cute looks don’t always work for big breast women. We have to be a bit more strategic in our attire.

The tips listed here are not just for big breast women, but let’s face it, we need this the MOST. If I were still a C cup, then I wouldn’t even wear a bra the vast majority of the time!

It is important that we discuss the cleanliness of your bra. That might just be more important than your straps showing!

Now, you might say that your bra is clean but it’s just a bit worn out. We all know what ‘worn out’ looks like. The material starts to look a bit raggedy with little balls of cotton or the lace will ball up. Or, in my case, I lose the under wire and my breast begin to look lopsided. If you have big breast then you are more than likely wearing wired bras for support, or sports bras. Sis, if you see that it is raggedy what do you think the rest of us will see? If you decide to wear a dirty or worn out bra, you absolutely should make sure that we can’t see it! Let’s be honest, it’s time to retire that bra sis! 

There are a few ways to keep your bra strap from showing.

 1. Bra strap clips – you can use a strap clip that will enable you to pull your straps together. This is ideal if you’re wearing a top that does not have any sleeves and is very thin in the back. In this pictures you can clearly see my bra straps which ultimately made the picture look pretty tacky; in my opinion.

1. PINK Letter Jumpsuit
Shorts jumpsuit

2. Fashion tape or double sided tape – if you have a blouse that has an opening far off the shoulders, use double-sided tape to hold it in place temporarily. If you have smaller breast, you can use fashion tape to hold your blouse closed in the middle section (idea for button ups).

3. Safety pin – safety pins are a great alternative to the bra strap clips. In the event that the fashion tape isn’t strong enough for holding your blouse closed then you can also use safety pins. In the picture below, the fashion tape wasn’t strong enough to keep the middle of my blouse closed, so I had to opt for safety pins, which worked like a charm!

4. Strapless bra– If all else fails, opt for a strapless bra! Some clothes should NEVER be worn with bra straps! Just like this photo below.

This Look does not have an image.

I hope this helps someone out with their bra strap crisis! Let me know you were here by sharing your thoughts below!

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