How to tell when the love is gone

Everyone has their own description of what it feels like when the love is lost. I’m going to tell you how I knew EVERY TIME love was gone.


Use Mirror Work technique to manifest your desires

Recently I watched a YouTube video about how to manifest what you desire by using a technique called Mirror Work. I had never heard of this. I found myself in the mirror soon as the video ended – crying.

My Addiction to Masturbation Helped my Sex Life

My addiction to masturbation began at a young age and has enhanced my adult sex life in a dramatic way. I began masturbating as early as middle school.

Silly Games Lovers Play – After Dark

Why do we play this silly game? Why do I want you but at the same time wish you would chase me? It’s been 4 years and I still lay next to you hoping you’ll make the first move. I bet you lay there hoping I’ll do the same.

Fashion Code: Let me help hide your bra straps sis

Let me help you hide your bra strap sis! Fashion code!