How to speak to the Universe and ask for what you want

Dear Sweet Winters if you have made it to this blog that means you have some sort of curiosity on how to speak to the universe and ask for what you truly want. I know one of the most asked questions is how do I speak to the universe. Often times you hear people say ‘you are the universe’ so in essence, speaking to the universe is really like speaking to your higher self. 

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Your thoughts are empty vessels that carry energy. Where ever you place your attention is where you place your energy. This also means that whatever you don’t give your energy to cannot exist.

The bigger question is how do you say yes to what you want from the universe versus saying no to what you do not want from the universe.

One of the best ways to speak to the universe is to always speak in present tense. Always start with ‘I am’ vs ‘I want’. So, if one of the things that you truly want to do is be successful then you would not say ‘I want to be successful’ instead you would replace that with ‘I am successful’. Make sure that you are always speaking in the present tense. 

I remember a few years back I felt very uncomfortable with my body and I was really really insecure about how my body looked. I wanted to look more professional and so daily I was looking at things that was inspiring me on Pinterest from a fashion standpoint and I was looking in the mirror and I was telling myself ‘I are beautiful, I am beautiful’ and over the years I began to love myself – it’s amazing when I go back and look at my older pictures and videos. 

You see, it is not enough to just say what you want, you must truly feel that it already exist. If you’re looking in the mirror and you’re saying I want to be confident but you don’t truly feel it then it means absolutely nothing because you’re not giving it any sort of energy. You must speak as if it already exist.

What you see right now in your current state is merely a result of what you have been focusing on to this point in your life. But the great thing about life is that you can change your circumstances by simply changing the way you think. Saturate your mind with what you want because your mind or ego  is already working against you by bringing about the things that you don’t want. You can read about My Mind Altering Experience (Most People Are Not Ready For This).

Well my Sweet Winters, I hope that this message has provided a shift in your mental state. Drop a comment and let me know you were here or if you have some stories, leave them below! 

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