Dear Sweet Winters – You Are Powerful

Photo by Eloise Ambursley 

Dear Sweet Winters, I want to remind you of your strength – YOU are powerful. How many times today did you remind yourself of the things you don’t have? How many times did you remind yourself of the things you have? You see, it’s easier to ponder and dwell on the things we don’t have. The reason you don’t have those things is because your focused on NOT having it? It can be a challenge focusing on what you DO want all the time. It takes daily practice analyzing your thoughts throughout the day.

Let me guess, you woke up and thought of a million ways in which you could tell your job that you couldn’t come in? Or, maybe you avoided getting dressed in the mirror; to avoid looking at yourself. That negative energy you have continues in a domino effect throughout the day, unless you shift your thoughts as soon as you become aware. It is impossible to feel good if you have constant negative thoughts. You must change your mindset in order to shift your energy. I practice daily positive thinking. When I catch myself thinking negative thoughts, I’ll quickly shift my thoughts to something positive. This shift ultimately makes me feel better! There is no magic sauce to this technique, just simple shift in what your thinking.

Sweet Winters, you are Powerful. YOU hold all of the power that is necessary to move onto the next level. Whether in your relationships, monetary gain, or self development. You may not think that you are capable but you see my friend, that is the very problem. In order to draw from your power you must first believe that you have power. It starts with your thoughts, being conscious of those thoughts on a frequent basis. Your thoughts will often dictate your actions. If you think about positive things happening in your life, isn’t it only right that you receive positive things happening by way of law of attraction? So, isn’t it the same that if we think negative things that we shall expect negative things to occur by law of attraction as well? 

My dear Sweet Winters, I would love to dive more into the law of attraction and in the future blogs to come. I truly believe that if we can control our minds and discipline ourselves we can truly zone in and become whoever we desire.

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With Love,

Shante Latrese 


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