How to speak to the Universe and ask for what you want

Dear Sweet Winters if you have made it to this blog that means you have some sort of curiosity on how to speak to the universe and ask for what you truly want. I know one of the most asked questions is how do I speak to the universe. Often times you hear people say ‘you are the universe’ so in essence, speaking to the universe is really like speaking to your higher self.  Your thoughts are empty vessels that carry energy. Where ever you place your attention is where you place your energy. This also means that whatever you don’t give your energy to cannot exist. The bigger question is how do you say yes to what you want from the universe versus saying no to what you do not want from the universe. One of the best ways to speak to the universe is to always speak in present tense. Always start with ‘I am’ vs ‘I want’. So, if one of the things that you truly want to do is be successful then you would not say ‘I want to be successful’ instead you would replace that with ‘I am successful’. Make sure that you are always…


My Mind Altering Experience – Ready For This?

I am going through a complete mind altering experience that I never saw coming.

Dear Sweet Winters – You Are Powerful

I want to remind you of your strength – YOU are powerful. How many times today did you remind yourself of the things you don’t have? How many times did you remind yourself of the things you have? You see, it’s easier to ponder and dwell on the things we don’t have.